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Khizer Tikka Shop started its journey sine 1990 with a very small shop and now It is a finest contemporary restaurant serving authentic Pakistan cuisine. Khizer Tikka Shop’s selective mix of flavors combines traditional style barbeque with exclusive ingredients and preparation techniques giving our delicacies a flavor of their own, allowing you to relish the feeling of a feast with our BBQs that are served straight from the grills.


  • Raja Usman Arshad

    I had great dinner experience here. I Highly recommend must try mutton chops. Best bar b q experience. Its better than shahbaz tikka and even better than Marian.

  • Jawad Chand

    Simply wonderful. Never eaten such delicious mutton in my whole life.

  • Moeed Shahid

    Very special “Chaanp” and “nalli”, the taste is good overall, but male sitting area is a bit conjusted, table are placed a bit too close to one another. Recommended for BBQ.

  • Luqman Khan

    I had the best karahi of my life at this place. Granted I’m from Germany and don’t have a lot of karahi experience. But from what I tried this was by far the best.

  • Saif Ullah

    Very nice place for meat lover. You can enjoy a great mutton and chicken food. The quality of the food is high and prices. Is competitive according to the market. Sitting place is good, separation for families. The service of the hotel is very nice.

What makes absolute barbecues special

Absolutely barbecues, better known as Khizer Tikka Shop’s is a casual dining restaurant that is set to transform the dining experience of mutton and chicken in Gujranwala as well as other cities of Pakistan. Our top-ratings from innumerable preeminent social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube among others explain our dexterity. We offer you a never-before-undertaken cuisine, amalgamating the impressiveness of the time-honoured cooking style with the leading-edgecooking techniques. We vow to dispense the exquisite from across the land of Pakistan while retaining the authenticity of each dish.